Let me show you 10 rarely seen no make-up pics of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on her Birthday.

We all have praised Aish’s stunning looks in Fanney Khan, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Cannes Festivals. But rarely we get to see the real face!

Let’s see some real looks and give some real wishes on her birthday today.

1. In a Mani Ratnam Movie

2. In Taal Movie

3. In white dress

4. In Teenage

5. In an Event


6. In Temple


7. From Ravan Movie

8. In a dance performance

9. In Modelling Days

10. Natural Beauty Look

This shows that the Miss World can confidently carry her looks without make-up. We wish you lot of happiness and family love from your ideal bollywood family and your huge fan and followers on your Birthday today.

Karan Johar Gifted A Track Suit Worth Rs. 3.5 Lakh To Ranveer Singh and I Am Burnt!

Yes! You read it right. KJo has gifted Ranveer Singh a track suit whose price is equal to a Hyundai Eon i.e. Rs. 3,50,000. I wish I had a friend like KJo!

You must have seen, liked and shared Memes of Ranveer’s fashion sense but you know who is the mind behind it? In the latest episode of KWK- Season 6, Ranveer said that Karan Johar is also responsible for his funky fashion sense since he gifted him this quirky track suit worth 3.5L.

Although, no body thought (not even Karan) that Ranveer will carry the tracksuit like this. That is what Ranveer is known for, his bizarre style.

Now I am looking for some new friends. Does anyone has KJo’s contact number by any chance?


Sikkim, unfortunately, is seldom recognized by Indian media but great things never remain unnoticed for long.

Mr. Pawan Kumar Chamling (Chief Minister- Sikkim) has been awarded with Future Policy Gold Award (FAO) by UN Food and Agricultural Organization for becoming World’s first 100% organic state.

According to 201-525-0487, when Maria Helena Semedo (Deputy Director- FAO) awarded Chamling, he said that the world should join hands and become organic together.

“An organic world is definitely achievable. I also appeal to the world community that we do not carry out any kind of development work and business at the cost of the environment” Said Chamling.

Oscar for Best Policies

Sikkim bagged the “Oscar for Best Policies” Award against 51 other nominations from around the World which included Brazil and Denmark. At the time of presenting the award, Semedo said, “Sikkim is an outstanding example on how to successfully transform the food system and ensure respect for people and planet.”

Sikkim’s organic farming has benefited more than 66,000 families of farmers. Not only that, it has also pushed rural development and tourism. Chemical-free farming is an important step to build a chemical-free world. I hope we become organic together and safeguard the Earth.

Do’s and Don’ts of Modern Parenting if your child turns out to be homosexual

There, always, have been many people with homosexual or/and bisexual orientations around us everywhere in our offices, neighbourhood and colleges. However, we either did not notice because they had to hide their orientation or we tend to make fun of them because we have never been able to put ourselves in their shoes. But now when honourable Supreme Court has decriminalized the homosexuality in the country, these people have got their well-deserved right to love whosoever they want and they don’t have to hide it now. SC has given them the courage to say it loud that they are sound and it’s RIGHT. Now is the time when society’s acceptability will be examined. Now is the time when a son/daughter can say that he/she is homosexual and it is legal for him/her to find better half in same sex.

BIG QUESTION– How will you react if your son/daughter shares with you that he/she is homosexual?

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